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Sight Alignment

The two factors of speed and accuracy need to be constantly balanced in any shooting situation. We often will need to make a split second decision on which factor is most important for the specific circumstances we find ourselves in. The following guide explains how to weigh each factor when sighting-in on your target.

Shooting Platform

A proper body position doesn’t just create a foundation from which to fire; your stance can affect your ability to manage recoil, as well as your ability to get back on target quickly and accurately. This tutorial will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 primary pistol stances: the Weaver, the natural stance and the neutral isosceles.

Guide to Proper Grip

Grip can be everything when handling and effectively discharging your firearm. Problems in effective marksmanship can often be traced to a simple “mis-grip” on your pistol. Learn the fundamentals of an isometric grip with this tutorial.

Kids and Gun Safety

A resource guide focusing on the realm of gun safety as it relates specifically to children. The guide aims to explore the process of introducing kids to the fundamental principles of gun safety in a manner that is age-appropriate, respectful, and empowering.

5 Tips for Shooting in the Rain

Rain or sun, the truth is that archers still need to shoot. Here is some advice from competitive archers about performing when the skies are open and the rain is falling.  World Archery

Be an Archer: It’s More Than Muscles

Archery has fascinated people since its creation more than 60,000 years ago. Whether people throughout history shot bows for hunting, fighting, competing or playing, they did so no matter their gender or physique. As Brady Ellison – Team USA’s 2012 Olympic silver medalist – often says, archers aren’t cut from cookie-cutter molds. And that means anyone canary archery.  Archery360

There’s an App for That!

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, but can any of them help you hit your mark more consistently? This article takes a look at 10 archery apps that leverage the strength of your smartphone, tablet and inner archer to build and develop your skills on the range.   Archery360

 A Bow by Any Other Name…

Archery – a sport of shooting at some type of a target using a bow and arrows – can be done a lot of different ways, but at its core, archery is three things: fun, challenging and highly addictive. Our friends at Archery 360 examine each of the different archery disciplines and provide resources for how you can try them all!    Archery360

How to Grip Your Bow

Good grip isn’t just about consistency; the mechanics of how you grasp the bow can greatly effect both your accuracy and your precision. Watch as Team USA star Lexi Keller explains not just the fundamentals of good grip, but also the potential pitfalls that arise from poor grip.  Archery360

3 Common Archery Mistakes

There are a few mistakes that almost every archer makes, and these errors can make it hard to fully enjoy your bow and arrows. Likewise, correcting them can bring nearly instant success in your shooting, and put a smile on your face.  Archery360

How to Shoot in the Wind

When shooting field archery, always consider how wind affects your arrows. Wind can range from gentle, refreshing breezes to strong, unpredictable gusts. Learning to judge the speed and direction of wind and their effect on accuracy can keep your arrows on course during windy conditions. Archery360

Last updated: 12/8/2023