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Becoming a Member

Membership Options

Archery Center only
Firearms Range only
Both Archery and Firearms

*Note: It is not necessary to be a member to enroll in Archery 101, Firearms 101 or our lesson programs.

Activation Fee

$20 per person aged 18 years old and up

Applicants must complete the following forms at the SSEC:

  • Membership Application
  • Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Indemnification Agreement

Membership Process

The membership process outlined below must be completed by individuals wanting to rent lane time. It is not necessary to be a member to enroll in Archery 101, Firearms 101 or our lesson programs.

A valid permit, ID or badge must be presented.

  • Complete membership application and pay the associated fee.
  • View the range safety video (Archery, firearms or both).
  • Pass a written exam with 80% on applicable safety video and procedures (Archery, firearms or both).
  • Successfully pass a hands-on practical exam under the supervision of an SSEC staff member (Archery, firearms or both).

The membership is valid until one of the following conditions is met:

  • Membership is terminated by the individual
  • 3 years of no member visit history (inactivity)
  • By the SSEC Director for violation of policy

Patrons who are unable to pass either the written or practical exam (or both) will be required to take the 101 training class in firearmsarchery or both to provide them with the skills, knowledge and attributes to become a Member. Upon successful completion of the course the patron will become a Member.

Age Restrictions

  1. Firing Range: Individuals must be 10 years or older to utilize the firing range. Individuals age 10 – 17 must be accompanied (within arm’s reach) by an adult who is a “Member” or a “Member – Firearms”. In addition, the individual must have written permission from a parent or guardian to use a handgun.
  2. Archery Center: Individuals must be 7 years or older to use the archery center. Individuals age 7 – 14 must be accompanied (present in the archery center) by an adult.

Last updated: 3/16/2022