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Club Sports Help Eagles Soar

Written by Caroline Boykin

Club sports on the Georgia Southern campus are student-led and student-run organizations, hosted through Campus Recreation. 

With over 20 club sports to choose from, students wishing to play a club sport have a myriad of options. Club sports are less practice-intense than traditional athletic teams but are more competitive than intramural sports. 

Participating in club sports has helped students grow personally and professionally, make friends from a variety of majors and deepen their sense of belonging in the university community.

“I have made some lifelong friends and made some very memorable experiences in my last three years in the run club, which I am grateful for,” Darwin Singleton, the president of the running club, said. “I also learned having social groups outside of the class can alleviate stress, which consequently drives more success in the classroom.”

Many club sports take part in tournaments against other universities, allowing students to travel all around the southeast and even across the country for games. 

“I had no idea students played dodgeball out of high school, then fast forward a few months and I am in Ohio at a tournament with my team,” Sam Ursey, president of the dodgeball team, said. “Being in a club sport allows me to explore outside of Statesboro and build connections with students at other universities across the United States.” 

Club sports give students on the Georgia Southern campus unique, meaningful experiences. Students gain a community of students with similar interests and passions, while having a fun outlet for physical activity. 

Campus Recreation invites all university students to drop-in to the club sports fair January 18 at 6 p.m. to learn more about the 26 different club sports offered.


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