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Player Pass

Pick up your Player Pass and play all the sports! The Intramural Player Pass allows you to #TeamUp and have the ultimate Intramural Sports experience. For as little as $30 for the entire year, the Player Pass empowers you to maximize your playing potential in over 30 leagues and tournaments!

Intramural Player Pass Options:

Unlimited annual pass – $30

Unlimited semester pass – $20

One-time team registration – $10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I purchase the player pass?

  1. Log into your MyGeorgiaSouthern Portal
  2. Find and click on IMLeagues Statesboro or Armstrong, depending on your home campus (You can search this as well)
  3. Scroll down to view all of the intramural sports offered.
  4. Select the sport and league (men’s, women’s, sorority, etc.)
  5. Click the “Create Team” bar and follow the instructions to create your team
  6. Select one of the Player Pass options by clicking “Buy Now”
  7. Submit payment information
  8. Invite other players to join your team

Can I play any sports without the player pass?

Yes. Esports tournaments and wheelchair basketball will be free and will not require the player pass. All other sports will. 

Can I join a team if I do not have the player pass?

No. You must have the player pass to create or join a team. If you are attempting to join a team right before a game, you will need to purchase the player pass first and show it to the intramural staff. 

Are there any sports the player pass does not cover?

The player pass will cover all sports except for the two golf tournaments that include food and prizes. 

Can I pay for my team instead of having each player pay?

The player pass is designed for each player to have their own pass. The role of the captain is to create the team and invite players. If the captain would like to make a payment for others, that can be done in person at the RAC Member Services desk.

Can my Fraternity/Sorority/Organization pay for my player pass?

Yes. If the organization would like to make a payment for multiple players, that can be handled at the RAC membership desk. 

Can my Residence Hall pay for my player pass?

Yes. Talk to your Resident Director for more information on how to join a team for your residence hall. 

Can I pay in person?

Yes. You can pay at the RAC Member Services desk. Within 24 hours, your pass will be active, so make sure to buy it at least one day in advance.

Last updated: 8/5/2022