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The Sport Report: That’s All He Wrote!

by Tyler Burroughs, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

What a ride that was! In case you were living under a rock and missed out on a very exciting Intramural Basketball postseason, we have got the scoop on what transpired here at the RAC.

Challenge Accepted

In a fit of vicarious hubris…, I called out every single Men’s competitive team in an attempt to see if any team could stand up and beat the seemingly invincible FGxTG. Not trying to say I called my shot early, but I did specifically mention in a pre-season prediction that GS 1017 was the only team that would come close at all this year. Lucky for me, they happened to be more than just a worthy runner-up to the FGxTG machine. GS 1017 not only beat them in one of the best games of the year, they took the momentum from that win all the way to an Intramural championship. Congrats to GS 1017 and their great run this year!

Throwing a Wrench

In the CoRec bracket, everything looked to be going Lebron’s Fighting Irish’s way. They were firing on all cylinders, cruising past teams and winning by an average of 34 points. All of this came after waltzing through the regular season like it was some sort of Pre-Season D-League. Then championship night came, and everything seemed to stop. They clashed with maeT in one of the more heated games of champ night, falling 74-65. I really hope this team sticks together for next season, as they were a very entertaining group to watch.

No Cinderella Here

Picking a #1 seed is a double edged sword. On one side, It is typically a safe pick and one may feel accomplished when they win. On the other side, it’s pretty lame and involves very little risk-taking. Well, I tried to be ambitious and pick an upset special of #3 Sigma Alpha Epsilon over #1 Delta Tau Delta, but that did not exactly work. Kudos to DTD for proving my cockiness to be misplaced and beating everybody they faced in the tourney by at least 20 points apiece.


Men’s Recreational basketball….what to say? Hmmm. Well, Congrats to BallSoHard for winning it all, I guess. I mean, they probably should have played in the Competitive league, but they won the lower-tier championship fair and square, right?!

Re-Match of the Century

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not very often that the big-ticket matchup for champ night is the Women’s game. Then again, its not often that you have two great teams, that are rivals, that also happened to play in an OT buzzer-beater classic in the regular season playing each other for all the marbles. The ensuing game did not disappoint. BangBang and Pippen Ain’t Easy played in one of the most physical and emotional basketball games that I have seen in my years in campus recreation (including guys games). Once again, BangBang got the best of Pippen Ain’t Easy, winning 35-29. Congrats to both teams for playing with such heart and making it a fittingly entertaining end to the Championship night and congrats to BangBang on bringing home the championship.


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