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Let the Games Begin

It is the start of a new school year and that means all Intramural Sports teams are undefeated and have hopes of a championship. But what fun is competition without a little banter and discussion? Last year Intramural Sports started a periodical blog to highlight the accomplishments of you, the players (previous posts can be read here). The IM Sports blog writers also used the power of the pen… to make bold, and some not so bold, predictions. Looking forward to this year we want to do more to recognize the excellence of our participants so new blog entries will be posted weekly. What can you expect in those posts?

Each week the IM Sports Blog will highlight an Intramural Sports Player, an Intramural Sports Team, and an Intramural Sports Employee. There are a lot of great individuals, teams, and staff out on the fields and courts every night and we want to share that greatness. Along with our weekly highlight of a player, team, and employee the highly esteemed IM Sports Blog writers will provide their personal perspective on team and player performances, division standings, and championship bracket predictions. Based on our writer’s post from last year they do not shy away from the controversial and no team or player is safe from their wicked pen. So let’s meet your two IM Sports Blog writers.

First is Tyler Burroughs, a second year Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska (yes he is obsessed with Doug McDermott). Shortly after arriving in good ole’ Statesboro Tyler gained the nickname “Spry Man”. We apologize in advance for Tyler’s die-hard fandom of the regionally despised St. Louis Cardinals.

Matt Jarman is a second year Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant from the North Carolina State University. Many of you may recognize him from his time playing pick-up basketball on the free-play courts at the RAC. We in the office feel bad for him because he is unwilling to accept the inevitable defeat of his Wolfpack at the hands of your own Georgia Southern Eagles on August 30.


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