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The Sport Report: Playoff Time

The Sport Report
Playoff Time

Everybody loves March Madness, right?  Of course you all do!  While the quality of the Basketball might not be up to speed with the NCAA tournament, the passion sure is (for better or for worse).  I have to hand it to all of our teams for giving their all this year, but at the end of it all…, only a handful will stand as champions.  Here’s who it’s going to be…

Mens Recreational
I don’t normally draw attention to Recreational leagues because there are so many teams and you never know what you are going to get with the quality of the games.  I have had a recent change of heart thanks to a participant who compared Rec league to the Mid-Majors of the NCAA.  Coming from a preeminent Mid-Major program (Creighton University), I decided to show the Rec teams some love.  Insecure White Males is destined to be a top seed, since they have beat all of their opponents by 30 + points, but their schedule was weaker.  A great dark horse team is Burt Macklin FBI.  They have had some battles but are currently 4-0.  The tests they faced in the regular season will prove to be valuable in strengthening their tournament mettle.

The CoRec Competitive Bracket has been entertaining to say the least, with a lineup of good teams that are fun to watch.  maeT is currently the 1 seed entering week 5, but they will square off against #2 Toon Squad CoRec in what promises to be a great game.  I say that the winner of this game will get the favorable 1 seed and will eventually win the CoRec title.

It’s no contest here: FBxGB is going to win it all.  You heard it here at the beginning of the season and you are reading it here again.  The next best team, Team Jordan, were drubbed by FBxGB last week and I do not foresee that result changing if they meet again.

Kappa Sigma is entering the last week of play as the number 1 seed and will almost assuredly stay there.  Right behind them is an entertaining Alpha Tau Omega team that has the record to match, but not the strong wins that Kappa Sigma has.  I’d also look out for Sigma Nu to sneak up on some teams come tournament time.

Mens Competitive
I challenged the Mens Competitive division to prove me wrong and you all did not disappoint.  I put 1017 Bricksquad on a pedestal thanks to their title last year and two of our teams rose to the challenge to knock them down.  Hand Down Man Down and Pre-Season champion Shots Fired will square off this Thursday at 7 PM to decide who the number 1 overall seed will be (BE THERE!).  They both have beaten 1017 and will likely meet in the championship game.

As always, follow us on twitter @GSUIntramurals.  Shout out your teammates and tweet us pictures that can be featured on our new GSUIntramurals Instagram!  If you have any opinions about the predictions, let your voice be heard! We are always open to dialogue.  Last but certainly not least, TEAM UP!


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