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Club Sports are for students who are interested in a long-term playing period, in comparison to a shorter intramural season.  Teams typically compete throughout both fall and spring semesters, allowing players more time with their teams and sport of choice.

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Club Sports
Georgia Southern University
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PHONE: (912) 478-5436
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Club Sports are unique student organizations in which the overall functions of the organization are student operated. They may be organized for instructional, recreational and/or competitive purposes, and offer a way of finding others who share similar recreational interests.

Current organized clubs and their contact information can be viewed on the Club Directory page.

Club Sports Staff

Britton Lyon headshot

Britton Lyon

Assistant Director: Intramural and Club Sports

Katelyn Gil

Graduate Assistant
(912) 478-5436

Britton Lyon headshot

Brendan Fowler

Graduate Assistant


Q: What are Club Sports?
A: The Club Sports program is administered by Campus Recreation & Intramurals (CRI), with individual clubs being organized by students. Clubs are open to most Georgia Southern students. Although faculty and staff are permitted to participate in the club sports program, individual club governing bodies may restrict competition to current Georgia Southern students. Most clubs are highly competitive at the state, regional and national levels.

Q: What is the difference between Club Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics?
A: Club sports are student groups organized by students who are motivated by a common interest in expanding their proficiency, participation and competition in a specific sport or recreational activity. Also, the Club Sports program is partially funded by the Student Activity Budget Committee. Intercollegiate Athletics are comprised of student athletes who have been recruited by Georgia Southern University to play a specific sport and may have been awarded scholarship funding. All Georgia Southern Intercollegiate Sports are listed with the NCAA as sponsored by the University.

Q: What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramurals?
A: Simply, intramural activities are short-term competitions among Georgia Southern students. Club sports are for students who want to enjoy a longer relationship (usually both semesters) with their sport of choice and a group of other students from other schools who share a similar interest in that activity.

Q: How does a club operate?
A: Clubs are run by student officers, sometimes with the help of paid and/or volunteer coaches with oversight provided by the Club Sports office. They are responsible for ensuring the successful operation of the club, including but not limited to: scheduling, fundraising, hosting events, policy adherence, and communicating with the Club Sports staff. As official programs, there are a variety of policies and procedures that club participants, officers and coaches must adhere to regarding participation, travel, financial administration, solicitation and the use of coaches and volunteers. A majority of clubs practice two to three times per week and compete each weekend while in-season.

Q: What does it cost to participate in a club?
A: The cost to participate varies significantly from club to club. Each participant is required to pay the Club Sports administrative fee. Additionally, each club requires members to pay dues that range from $10 to more than a $1000 per year. The Student Activity Budget Committee does provide an annual allocation for club operations; however, club members may be required to contribute to operating expenses. Each club tries to limit out-of-pocket expenses through various fundraising efforts that club members may be required to participate in. For more information on the specifics of each club, please contact the club directly.

Q: What teams do you offer and how do I join one?
A: Clubs are listed alphabetically on the web page under Programs and Activities, then Club Sports and (My Involvement). We encourage you to make contact with the club you are interested in through the email address listed. You may also contact the CRI office for more information at (912) 478-5436.

Q: Do I have to be a great player to join a club sport?
A: No, most of our clubs are open to all levels including the competitive, recreational and instructional participants. However, limitations may be imposed on some memberships due to lack of facility space and time. (Some have tryouts)

Q: Why should I join a club?
A: The Club Sports program provides the opportunity to continue playing or start playing competitive sports. The benefits include living an active lifestyle, team camaraderie, making life-long friends, professional development (as an officer) and most importantly for the enjoyment!

Q: How do I start a new club sport?
A: To join or start a Club Sport, contact the Club Sports office at (912) 478-5436. Any recognized student organizations at Georgia Southern wishing to become part of the Club Sports Program must submit a formal written proposal by March to be considered for membership to the club program.

Q: What is the Club Sport Council (CSC)?
A: The Club Sports Council is made up of representatives/officers from each club. The CSC meets on the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of summer semesters. These meetings give opportunities to share ideas and learn leadership and management skills pertinent to the operation of clubs.

Q: What is the Club Sports Advisory Council (CSAC)?
A: The Club Sports Advisory Council, also known as the CSAC, is a recommending and review group for the Club Sports program. The council is composed of five elected club sport participants.

Last updated: 3/29/2024