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Interest Packet Material

Client Information

Thank you for making a commitment to your health and wellness through CRI Personal Training; once we have received your completed paperwork you will:

  • Be contacted by a member of the Fitness Staff.
  • Be assigned a trainer based on your information and availability of personal trainers.
  • Be contacted by your trainer to schedule your first meeting.
  • Once you have met with your personal trainer and number of sessions has been agreed upon, please go to Member Services to purchase your package.

***Please bring your receipt with you to your next assigned session.***

Training Etiquette

In order to help make your personal training experience a positive one, we ask that you observe the following training etiquette:

  1. A trainer/client agreement will be formed and agreed upon by both parties explaining procedures for cancelling sessions and various policies.
  2. If canceling a session, ideally 24 hours’ notice prior to session is required.
  3. Be ready to work hard during each session; wear closed toe athletic shoes and clothing and bring a water bottle (a towel is provided).
Fitness Assessment Pretest Information

To assure the best possible accuracy of the information obtained from the fitness assessment, please follow the instructions listed below.

  • Drink plenty of fluids 24-hours preceding the assessment to ensure normal hydration.
  • Avoid exercise or strenuous activity before the assessment on the day of testing.
  • Inform your trainer about any medication and/or other supplements you are taking (take recommended physician dosage the day of assessment).
Client Confidentiality & Trainer Evaluation

All information regarding your program and progress will be kept confidential and remain in our client files for 3 years following the cessation of your participation in the program. Personal Trainers are required to adhere to HIPAA guidelines to protect any vital health information given. Information shall not be discussed with anyone other than your assigned personal trainer and the Fitness Program Director.

At the completion of every semester and/or at the cessation of your involvement with the personal training program, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your trainer on a number of areas. Client feedback is always accepted and recommended.

Personal Training Packages & Sessions
  1. Payment must be received for training sessions before the assessment is given.
  2. Trainers cannot accept session payments, please pay for sessions at Member Services (M-F 8:00a-5:00p) or via mail, show receipt of payment to your trainer.
  3. In the event a refund is requested, only full packages will be refunded. Partial packages that have begun will not be refunded and any remaining sessions after your cessation from the program will be forfeited at the completion of the semester.
  4. Sessions are not to be traded or given to other clients upon ending the program.
  5. All training sessions expire with the completion of your RAC membership.
Personal Trainer Assignment

Due to the high interest of the personal training program, it is possible that there is a waiting list. Clients will be assigned a personal trainer in the order that the applications were received. Please be patient as we attempt to assign you a trainer that can assist you with your goals, motivational request and training schedule.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding your personal trainer or the program, please contact Assistant Director of Fitness – Sabrina Checca, by email at

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    Trainer Placement Information

    Training Availability (Note that limited availability may restrict client placement)


    Fitness Goals

    Exercise History and Lifestyle Questionnaire

    Nutrition Questionnaire

    Last updated: 10/24/2022