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Matt Jarman, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant


Name: Kyle Craven
Year in school: Freshman
Major: Sport Management
Hometown: Camden, GA
One interesting fact: Kyle played football in high school
Favorite intramural sport: Cornhole
How long have you been playing intramurals: This is Kyle’s first year playing intramurals
Why do you play intramural sports…: “Have fun, interact with people, get out of the house”



Team name: Two Balls and a Strike
How did you come up with that name: “We wanted to get a name that was funny to entertain us through the whole season. Also where my pitches at was already taken”
How did you form your intramural team: A lot the teammates are roommates and friends. They also go to the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry)
Why do you play intramural sports: “It’s a good way to stay active, hang out with friends, and meet new friends”



Name: Winston Cross
Year in School: Senior
Major: Logistics and transportation management
Hometown: Acworth, GA
One interesting fact: His freshman year of high school he was only 5’3 and now he is 6’4
Employee roll in intramural sports: He officiates football, volleyball, and basketball
How long have you worked for intramural sports: This is Winston’s third year
Favorite part about working for intramurals: “You get to be around sports. You also meet a lot of new people every year”

@itsJarm’s #IntramuralInsight

It’s the one of the most wonderful times of the year – flag football season. A time for sunshine, great weather, friendly games, and competition laced with blood, sweat, and tears. Unfortunately, as Statesboro residents have seen, Mother Nature’s favorite sport is not flag football. The rain hasn’t dampened our football spirits though.

Looking ahead to the season, I see some interesting things. The first thing I notice is that last year’s reigning Men’s Competitive Champs, BENA JONES 7, isn’t looking as strong as it has year after year after year. This means that there are some new faces on the rise. Yes, I’m talking to you, Team Kobe! Don’t let me down this year.

One team that has been flying mostly under the radar is the A-Team, led by touchdown machine Landen Cammack. This team is destined for greatness. They have all of the tools – a mobile quarterback, a stout defense, and a big playmaker. Look for them to have a flawless season this year.

The #1 team in your Co-Rec hearts, H.F.T.O.Y, took a hit when leader and quarterback Demarkus Hughley graduated with his Master’s degree. However, legacy quarterback Ryan Wingers has taken over at the helm – this squad looks to remain undefeated this year as well. With some depth at the wide receiver position and the likes of Jackson Ormsbee and Kelsey Evans on defense, fear is instilled in the hearts of opposing teams.

In the women’s and sorority ranks, I am looking at Alpha Delta Pi’s coaching to take them all the way. Nobody else has the passion of that guy. Unfortunately and much to my chagrin, the fan favorite “Taco Twerkers” did not return to the league. The team was full of talent and could beat even the most formidable of men’s teams.

The players to watch for through week 2 are as follows: Jamal Wilcox for his league leading 8 TD passes in 2 games, Ali Miller for his 6 TD passes AND runs, and Joseph Fennelly for his 5 Co-Rec interceptions. The best team name remains “Turn Upfield.” No question.

Come out to the Multiplex Monday-Thursday and Sunday from 7-11 to see some high flying, fast paced flag football from some of the best at Georgia Southern. And as always, follow us on Twitter @GSUIntramurals.


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