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Skills Clinics

Scheduled Skills Clinics

Southern Adventures offers a number of clinics aimed at providing students with the skills and knowledge to engage a variety of outdoor pursuits. They are offered at no charge to RAC members. Each clinic is held in the Southern Adventures Center unless otherwise noted. Pre-registration is highly recommended because our clinics are capped for an ideal student to teacher ratio. Walk-up registration is possible, but will not guarantee your enrollment.

Register for our clinics via Marketplace by clicking the button below.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Tue., Jan. 16Basic Belay Clinic8 - 10pmSA Center / RAC Climbing Wall
Tue., Feb. 6Basic Belay Clinic8 - 10pmSA Center / RAC Climbing Wall
Tue., Feb. 20Climbing Anchor Building & Cleaning7 - 9pmSA Center
Tue., Mar. 5Advanced Climbing Clinic7 - 10pmRAC Climbing Wall
Tue., Mar. 19Backcountry Cooking Clinic5 - 7pmSA Center
Tues. Mar. 26Whitewater Roll Clinic7 - 9pmSA Center / Pool
Tue., Apr. 2Intro to Paddle Boarding Clinic5 - 7pmLake Ruby
Tue., Apr 9Basic Sea Kayaking Clinic5 - 7pmSA Center / Pool
Tue., Apr. 16Rappelling & Crate Stacking5 - 7pmSA Center / Challenge Course

Custom Skills Clinics

Can’t make it to one of our scheduled clinics? A group of 4 or more patrons can request to schedule one of our clinics for a specific date and time (see clinic descriptions below). Fill out the following form to request a custom clinic today.

Clinic Descriptions

Advanced Climbing (3 hours)

The Advanced Climbing Clinic is designed to build upon the skills developed in the Basic Climbing Clinic. Participants must have taken a Basic Climbing Clinic at least 30 days prior to registering for the Advanced Clinic, as well as demonstrated intentional development of top rope climbing skill. All participants will be required to demonstrate the ability to climb 5.8 on top rope without falling in order to complete the clinic. Clinic topics will review advanced climbing technique, physical training for climbing, and lead belay technique.

Rappelling (3 hours)

The Rappelling Clinic is designed to introduce participants to single line rappel technique on our outdoor rappelling tower. This clinic is good for those who have already completed either the Basic or Advanced Climbing Clinic, though neither are required as prerequisites to attend.

Basic Sea Kayaking (3 hours)

Participants will be introduced to the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently use sea kayaks in non-technical waters. The clinic will include learning how to safely enter and exit your boat, perform solo and partner rescues; understand nautical terminology; learn about tides and other environmental considerations and perform basic paddle strokes.

Advanced Kayaking (3 hours)

This clinic will build on the information and skills introduced in the Basic Kayaking clinic. Paddling skills will be practiced and refined; Nautical travel and environmental conditions will discussed more in depth; Kayak rolling will be introduced and practiced. A basic kayaking clinic must be attended prior to registering for the advanced clinic.

Whitewater Kayak Roll (3 hours)

This clinic is provided to teach participants the necessary skills while whitewater kayaking. These skills include learning how to roll, performing partner and individual rescues, and understanding basic paddle strokes. Individuals must successfully complete a Whitewater roll clinic in order to rent out Southern Adventures Whitewater Kayaks.

Bicycle Maintenance 101 (2 hours)

This clinic will show participants how to properly perform basic bicycle maintenance and tune ups. Patrons will learn how to diagnose the source of a flat tire, change tubes as well as understand all of the primary bicycle components and their functions.

Backcountry Cooking (2 hours)

In this clinic you will learn how to prepare hot meals in a backcountry setting. You will be taught how properly use an MSR whisperlite stove and prepare delicious food with simple ingredients. Additionally you will learn how to properly ration and maintain a balance diet on your next outdoor adventure.

Basic Climbing Movement Clinic

To teach participants basic rock movement. Climb harder by climbing smarter. Waste less energy on climbing moves to reserve for later. Learn how to rest on long routes, and how to make your short individual moves more efficient. This is a basic climbing skills clinic so it is perfect for the person just getting into climbing who would like to improve and progress in grade by climbing more efficiently with better technique.

Basic Belay Clinic

This clinic is aimed to succinctly teach top rope belaying skills. These skills only certify you to belay at the RAC climbing wall, but will transfer also to outdoor climbing and other gyms. The clinic will cover all things you need to know in order to be certified in belaying at the RAC Climbing Wall. Participants will learn the Pull Brake Under Slide (PBUS) method of taking rope. Participants will also learn how to tie in using a figure 8 follow through. They will also learn basic safety for indoor rock climbing and how to perform partner checks, the belay contract and more.

Paddleboarding Clinic

This clinic is designed to teach all the basics of standup paddle boarding from the comfort of beautiful Lake Ruby! The clinic will supply you with a paddle board, life jacket, and paddle and will teach you the proper stance, good paddle strokes, how to take a fall, and how to self-rescue. This will prepare you to execute your own paddle boarding trips and inspire adventure.

Gym to Crag Clinics

A clinic geared toward intermediate to advanced climbers that teaches participants how to transition their indoor climbing knowledge to the outdoors. In this clinic participants will learn the basic gear they will need to climb outside, the extra safety concerns under a cliff, and how to clean an anchor to retrieve their gear. If you have been climbing for a while and want to get outside but are not sure where to begin, take this clinic. Gain the skills, knowledge, and coincidence to climb outside.

Reservation Policies

  • Custom Clinic reservations must be made via the form below at least 2 weeks prior to the desired clinic date.
  • The person who makes the reservation (group leader) must be present on the day of the course. If, for an unexpected circumstance, the group leader cannot attend on the day of the course, they must contact Southern Adventures before programming to appoint a new leader and give contact information.
  • The group must arrive in the Southern Adventures Center on time. Your confirmation email details what time we expect ALL of your participants to be present. It’s a good idea to instruct your group to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of programming. There will be a 10-minute grace period after which no one will be admitted to participate in programming. Programs will be canceled if less than 4 participants haven’t arrived by 10 minutes past the program time. Late participants will not be allowed to participate in programming.
  • If you find out group members will be late to programming, the group leader must contact Southern Adventures to request a program time change at least 2 days in advance. This is a request and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Example: you find out that 4 people won’t be able to attend a 12:00pm program until 12:30pm. You call Southern Adventures 2 days in advance to request that the time is changed to 12:30pm.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed via an email to the address provided. If we are unavailable on the requested date(s) and time(s), we contact you regarding other dates/times.

Last updated: 1/10/2024